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Payfaction is a TravelTech company that creates a platform for buying tickets, experiences, gift cards, overnight stays and merchandise in one easy-to-use system. With the aim of modernizing the customer experience to experience and the activity industry. The company offers it as an off-the-shelf product where it is possible to get started and use the platform and services all by yourself!

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Payfaction's goal is to deliver a platform to several tourist destinations in Norway during 2023, with Voss and Hordaland among the first to go. We believe that by offering an easy way to find experiences, with a seamless and integrated purchase experience, where you can find it both online and physically in tourist locations, will become a standard that travelers will not go back to.

During the autumn of 2023, the aim is to bring in strategic investors for further growth for internationalization in 2024. The development of the platform will scale up, at the same time that a number of new experienced persons will be brought in to take the company to new heights.

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For the People

Have you experienced that you have to visit many websites, emails, orders and payments if, for example, you want to make a trip for yourself, your family or a group?

Destination managers can now set up a website portal themselves, where you can find all kinds of experiences in one place to make bookings for you and those you travel with, in one and the same shopping cart!

For People
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For Destinations

Payfaction digitizes the customer journey in an All-In-One booking platform, tailored for the experience and activity industry.

We link experience businesses in destinations together in a collaborative ecosystem of the sharing economy and provide opportunities for commission sales that create local and regional growth.

Companies that offer experiences and activities are largely smaller businesses that are not very visible both digitally and physically. This limits the availability and visibility these companies have for those traveling to the destination.

The system elements are stitched together in one and the same sustainable ecosystem that gives the experience industry and the local community the opportunity for extensive collaboration, an automated sharing economy and a seamless customer journey.

Why invest??

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The customer potential

Payfaction's own research shows that 85% of experience companies do not have sufficiently good digital solutions. The challenge usually lies with the small and medium-sized players, who either cannot afford to invest or do not have the knowledge to create the solution themselves. This means that many people are not seen.

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Community contribution

An investment in Payfaction also provides a positive contribution to society where our aim is to strengthen the digitization of experience businesses in districts and local areas. Automatic distribution of sales revenue between actors reduces manual, time-consuming work. Actors can sell experiences in a collaborative network via the platform.

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Establish relationships with local tourist offices and private operators, to offer them a self-service platform to manage entire destinations in one system with smart features. A single destination can have more than 100's of experience business customers that require minimal effort on our part to onboard.

Growth plan


Pilots in Norway with dozens of adventure companies.


Launch destination platform before high season this summer.


Establish new markets in the UK/EU for scaling


Be a growth company with big ambitions


One system for all booking needs.

All the tools and services you need to start, run, and scale your business.

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